lamparas-polietileno conos-salvavidas depositos diferentes-piezas 



PROMOSAL have more than 30 years making poliethilene moulds for rotational system. We know perfectly this kind of production and his problems ( gas, critical areas,…) and we desing our moulds having in mind all these things.


We also make moulds for technical pieces ( with several threads,…see the fuel tanks ) homologated life preservers,…


Also we manufacture moulds for lamps, streetlamps, …same as chairs ( PROMOSAL has patented the spherical chair in the photo ) and tables.


As well we make road sign cones, small and big fuel tanks ( from 20 lts to 200 lts )


We can manufacture the moulds by foundry, designing our own models, or starting from solid plates ( duraluminium ). The big capacity of our machines (1.300 x 3.000 x 1.100 mm ) allows us to make big sizes and precision moulds. This added to our CAD-CAM System TEBIS, gives us a big versatility for anykind of forms, sizes…although  they are very complicated.


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