Reinflatable rubber valves


PROMOSAL developed the reinflatable rubber valves since more than 15 years, and in this time we have sold many millions of them.


This is a product that appears simple, but that has a lot of technology inside : moulds for making the valves, stamp out machines for cutting and perforating. This is a very important piece in the PVC ball, because if valve does not work correctly, then the ball gets deflated and this ball is not valid, so the work of this small piece is VERY IMPORTANT in the PVC ball


We are conscients about the importance that has this element in the PVC ball, and because of this reason we have exhaustive quality controls in our production, same in the first material tha has a high percentage of natural rubber, as the perforating and cutting machines, that are the real authors of the correct work of the valve, so they get that the ball can be inflated and deflated all the times it is needed.


The usefulness of the reinflatable valve is enormous, above all for the transport, because of a deflated ball ocupates  1/20 parts of a inflated ball volume. Also this permits to inflate the ball when this ball gets a little deflated with the time.


Actually, all the mondial big PVC ball manufacturers are using our reinflatable rubber valve.


We have 5 different models, and the difference is in the sizes. We can make all the models in several colours : black, white, green,…

We have NO MINIMUN quantity order.


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