Duraluminium spiders


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This is the STAR PRODUCT that manufactures PROMOSAL, togheter with the moulds mounted on these spiders ( also called “plateaux” or “plates” )


Depending on the oven model of each ball manufacturer ( that gives us the capacity and another details to having in mind ), we make a previous study for determinate the maximun number of moulds on each spider. This detail depends on the capacity of oven, same as the diameter of moulds mounted on the spider. With these parameters, our customer decides the optimal number of moulds for his production, and starting from this detail, we design the spider ( Number of moulds, number of closing screws, distribution, weight, maximun diameter, height,…), we make the 3D simulation, and we start production thanks to our modern CAD-CAM.


The used material is from several years DURALUMINIUM from solid plate, in a special alloy studied and designed for this hard work, that has the best technical and mechanical characteristics for this work.


Our CNC machines give us total precision, and we guarantee to each customer the perfect work of these spiders for many many time, without posibility of breaking and with minimal deformations due to temperature along the time.


  • The duraluminium absorves the hot very fast, and this saves energy.
  • The duraluminium spider transmit the hot to the moulds, so the cycle is shorter.
  • The duraluminium does not suffer corrosion nor electrolysis.
  • The weight of a duralumium spider is 1/3 the weight of an iron spider, and this saves energy and makes longer the life of oven.
  • The life of duraluminium spider is much longer than iron spiders.


These reasons make that the main and bigger PVC ball manufacturers of the world are using our duraluminium spiders.


The closing screws are not comercial, but made entirely in the CNC lathes of PROMOSAL, and made in special steels designed and studiated for this work. They are steels designed for us, and with different treatments that give them a very long life, with a correct maintenance ( lubrication each 4 work hours )

The other screws MOUNTED are all in INOX steel.

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