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PROMOSAL has more than 16 years making moulds for smooth polished balls in duraluminium of the best quality, so we have a big experience in this field.
The allow that PROMOSAL is  using has been carefully choosen between all the alloys that exist, and our experience has given the opinion that there isn’t another better alloy for making this kind of moulds

In the same way, the material used in the PIN-VALVE of the mould has also been studied and thanks to the characteristics of the material used, we get a lot of hot in this area, so also a lot of PVC in the area. This is very important because the reinflatable rubber valve or plastic tap that is placed in the ball, will be perfectly placed in the PVC of the ball, so it makes no necessary to insert the PVC little tube for reinforce the area, so our customers can save a lot of money in material and in time.
The duraluminium is mechanized in high precision CNC lathes and the polishing is made in an automathical machine, so we have very little tolerances and high precision ( about 0,01 mm )
PROMOSAL recomends the nickel plating on the moulds, because it has no high price and has a lot of advantages for the manufacture of PVC balls :
  • The nickel gives hardness to the mould, so this makes longer the life of the mould and the life of the parting line.
  • The nickel Facilitates the cleaning of mould, and prolongates the celaning cycle, because it avoids the PVC depositions.
  • The PVC ball produced is more brilliant.
  • The nickel has very good heat conductivity, so the production cycles are shorter and the customer is saving energy.
  • The nickel avoids the corrosion of the PVC material.
  • The nickel supports high termperatures ( till 400º C) and works cycles at 300º C the 24 hours of the day.

The diameters available are from 20 mm till 400 mm in our CNC lathes, and from 400 mm till 1000 mm in our CNC milling machines.

 The ball produced with these moulds is PERFECT for  360º TAMPOPRINTING, because the surface is totally smooth polished mirror and brilliant, and the parting line of the ball is nearly imperceptible. The best and bigger mondial manufacturers of 360º tampoprinted balls ar our customers.


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