Jumping balls and Big balls

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Jumping balls: Balls used for kids for jumping, they must have handles for the children can hold on. This handle can be :


  • Rounded handle
  • 2 Horns ( ball called Kangaroo )



For the rounded handle ball we have several models, engravings, diameters :


  • Ø 170 mm smooth polished with lines.
  • Ø 180 mm with part engraved and part smooth polished.
  • Ø 200 mm with part engraved and part smooth polished.
  • Ø 220 mm smooth polished with lines.


These balls are inflated to 550-600 mm, and have an aprox. Weight of 400 grams. They are also available for 360º tampo-printing and for aerographie and electroesthatic film decoration.



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Big balls : Big sized balls used in gymnasium for rehabilitation, sport gymnastics, trainings and also gymnastics exhibitions.

The big ball can be smooth, brilliant and with lines, and in this case the mould is made from Duraluminium. We can manufacture any diameter for smooth polished big balls in DURALUMINIUM, in our CNC lathes and CNC milling machines. Normally, the recomendated diameters for this kind of balls is from 180 till 400 mm, depending on diameter of the inflated ball that the customer wants. PROMOSAL recommends a mould diameter 180-200 mm  for inflating a ball to 550-600 mm.

In the same way, the big ball can have different engravings. Normally our customer use the moulds for medicine balls ( see page “medecin balls” ) for getting this engraved big balls. We have till diameter 400 mm mould, and with this mould can be got a 2.000 mm big ball ( 2 meters diameter )


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