PROMOSAL manufactures aluminium moulds for anykind  of sport disciplines, with different engravings, different lines, and big variety of diameters.


The smooth polished ball mould is always made in DURALUMINIUM of the best quality, and the ball moulds with engravings are made in foundry aluminium, also in the alloy that we have total security that works perfect, thanks to we are using it from many years.


The foundry models are also made in PROMOSAL, and after the foundry is made in a company that colaborates with us for many time.


Even we have a lot of  foundry models for all the sport disciplines ( football, basket, volley,…) , we also make special new models for our customers that want to have an exclusive model design. PROMOSAL design and make projects following the instructions of the customer, in an exclusive way.


Our moulds are suitable for having smooth polished areas for publicity, electroesthatic film, bar code…in the place that our customer decides.


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