PROMOSAL manufactures moulds for any kind of PVC production by rotational system. Our company is specialized on moulds and tools for producing PVC BALLS, and this is the product that gives us a prestidged name in the international market, being our company the supplier of moulds, spiders, reinflatable rubber valves,… of the best and bigger PVC ball manufacturers, having customers in the 5 continents. The most important is that we keep our customers forever, because our quality is the best of the market, we use the best materials for each work ( moulds , spiders, closing screws,…) and our machines are able to give us top precision. Also our workers are experienced, and the result is that our product has no competence in the market due to our quality and our competitive prices.


As well as moulds for PVC balls, we also manufacture moulds for matitime items ( nautical and fishing ) and for technical pieces ( pharmaceutical articles, leisure articles,…)

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