PROMOSAL design and produce any kind of mould for producing pieces by rotational system, same in foundry aluminium than duraluminium.


We are specialized in this work, and we are the market leader for many time in design and manufacture of spiders, moulds and anykind of tools for PVC ball production by rotational system.


For the manufacture of anykind of moul, we ALWAYS use the best materials, and the most appropriate for the work they are going to make, because of we know perfectly the rotomoulding and all the problems ( internal pressures, gas,…) and the exigencies of the rotomoulding with the materials ( fast heatings till more than 300º Celsius, fast coolings with air and water ) and the corrosion caused by the materials ( PVC; poliethilene,…)


We manufacture moulds and tools for any rotational oven, of any mark and model, and for big capacity ovens same than small ovens.

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