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Our experience of more than 30 years in the rotational world has made that we now use the very best materials ( duraluminiums, foundry aluminiums, steels,…) that are available for each work, same as develop our own materials.


We perfectly know the hard work of the rotational oven, and for that we desing ALL the working tools : moulds, spiders ( structure, closing screws,…) and for that we have a powerfull german CAD-CAM ( TEBIS ), same as designing systems in 2D and 3D.


The machinery we have is very modern and versatile, and the CNC lathes same as the CNC milling machines give us a enormous precision, and this added to the experience of our workers, make that we are world leaders in the field of the mould and tool PVC ball manufacture by rotational system.


Also we have a quality department, in which we verify all the production before it leaves our company.


PROMOSAL guarantee all his products, and we are able to advice our customers about production items,…

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